Tim Richardson

London, E8 2AW


+44 (0)7828 134 100

I have mostly worked in IT and as a web programmer, and am currently looking for part-time / freelance work whilst I study a part-time MSc. in Bioinformatics.

Selected Experience

Fire Tech Camp

Dec 2013 - Present

I have been teaching Python programming to children aged 11-15 at Fire Tech Camp after-school and holiday camp. It is great to see the reintroduction of a lost digital culture back into the UK national curriculum and I find it tremendously rewarding teaching children in their formative years these exciting and empowering concepts.


Jan 2013 - Dec 2013

A small design and development house based in Brighton, I have been remote working building and maintaining sites based on their Django/Python CMS system.


May 2013 - June 2013

Was involved in the initial build of an ambitious online shopping startup.

Swerve Concepts Ltd.

Jan 2012 - 2013

As part of a small team we built web apps from front to back using . During my time there we developed two cloud based products, Swerve Media Hub and SignUpAnywhere. I participated in product design and software development of both projects and led the UI design for SignUpAnywhere.

UCL Cancer Institute

I worked as part of the IT support team, performing daily backups, installing new machines, providing support for the building etc. I redeveloped the institute's website, managing content, information structure, design and development of the site.

Camden Council

I was responsible for surveying the town centres in Camden and updating the boundary information on the mapping (GIS) system.

Wolfson Biomedical Research Institute

I worked in the purchasing department ordering consumables and equipment for the scientists in the institute.


MSc Bioinformatics

Birkbeck University

I am currently studying this masters part-time in the evenings. I am learning topics in statistics, machine learning, biochemistry and software development.

Pre-Masters Computing

London Metropolitan University

I took this course to prepare me for my MSc. and to cement my computing knowledge. Subjects covered: Internet applications development, database systems, and fundamentals of computer science.

BSc. Cognitive Science (Hons)

University of Leeds

Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary subject that examines the brain using experimental and theoretical frameworks developed in computing and experimental psychology. This course was run by the computing department and included modules from psychology and philosophy departments. My final year focused on computing and my dissertation explored data mining techniques for dynamic data sets.

Secondary School Education

The Latymer School, Edmonton
A levels
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Media
AS Level
  • Maths (Mechanics)


I am a programmer using the following languages, frameworks and methodologies.

  • Languages / Markups:
    • Python
    • Javascript
      • jQuery
      • mootools
      • d3.js
    • HTML
    • CSS / less
    • Java
    • PHP
    • Bash Scripting
  • Web Frameworks:
    • Django
    • Kohana
  • Good Practices:
    • Linux system administration
    • Python webserver configuration
    • Version control using Git
    • Continuous deployment using Fabric
    • Agile development
    • Coding in a team

Projects and Interests

I have been working as designer and technician with Assemble, the collective who built the Cineroleum in 2010, and the Folly for a Flyover in 2011, both very popular projects that challenge the conventional use of public spaces.

I’ve been running bike-light building workshops, which are aimed to introduce people to new skills and teach people about electricity generation. Workshop venues have included The Royal Festival Hall and the Arcola Theatre.

I have been helping run a small stage at Secret Garden Party festival in 2009-2011 and ran a Cinema tent at the 2010 Bestival festival, Isle of Wight.

I ran (most of) my first marathon in 2012 and am training for another in March. I enjoy rockclimbing and pottery in my spare time.